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a state of the art music management and development label

Chateau Music is a leading artistic agency representing the hottest music acts in multiple genres. With our expertise in marketing and artist development, we have transformed hobby musicians into full fledged professional artists. We can identify the changes in this fast paced industry and get our artists the recognition and exposure they deserve


Chateau Music is a state of the art music management and development label, dedicated to growing and increasing exposure for our talented artists. With our in house staff of over twenty publicists, artist managers, marketing directors as well as social media managers, we have the experience and innovation to help accelerate our music artists careers. Our main goal as a music management label is the opportunity to offer genuine engagement and opportunity to each of our artists. We work in a holistic approach, ensuring each artist is able to stay true to their authentic art. With the evolving music industry, we have been able to harness our skills and offer artists to live out the career of their dreams.

Artist Development

One of the main qualities A&R representatives look for in an artist is someone with a well developed look and sound. This is often one of the most overlooked areas in an aspiring artists career. With the help of our excellent artist development team, we will work with the artist to hone and perfect their look to gain more fans as well as achieve more commercial success.


With millions of tracks released on Spotify in only a single month, we give our artists the greatest chance of success with our modern and cutting edge publicity and marketing techniques. New music is discovered in various ways and with a combination of organic reach through digital streaming promotion or influencer marketing; we cater each project to fit the needs of our artists.


In order to compete as an artist in this competitive market, the artist’s marketing campaign needs to be commercial level. Whether the artist wants to release a single or go on tour, our marketing campaigns have reached millions of eyes. We curate and deliver strategic marketing campaigns focused on our artists and the goals they want to achieve with their releases.


As a company and collective, Chateau Music thrives on constant innovation and flexibility in order to thrive in the music industry. With our dedicated staff of over twenty employees and partners, each artist has a dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure success. Our focus has been the create, develop, market and increase the career success of our artists on all levels. Our state of the art marketing and developing techniques has gained our clients success within their released projects as well as their long term goals whether that be going on tour or signing to a major record label. Our core goal for our artists is to increase organic growth and exposure through music sales and digital marketing, secure sponsorships and to develop an indistinguishable artist identity
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Our Story

Founded in 2019, Chateau Music was created and founded on the ability to deliver results as well as exposure. With a strong knowledge and passion for marketing and publicity, the staff at Chateau Music offers a comprehensive and strategic marketing plan no other agency offers. What separates Chateau Music from other agencies is our ability to offer all of our services in house and have the chance to create long lasting relationships with our clients.We watch our artists grow from opening acts to headlining arena tours. Using their expansive experience and connections from the music industry, Chateau Music was set to become the premier music management label of the new decade. Partnering with ZTime Productions, Chateau Music is able to offer our artists a unique opportunity to be able to offer in house performances as well as artist development. Our foundation as a company is built upon the principles of loyalty, perseverance, hard work and business ethics.

Artist Development


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